Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes I wonder......

It's been a week and a bit now, and I'm wondering if I'm doing it right, and weather we really have any hope. I'm one of these people who gets ridiculously elated when someone says something nice and very down when someone says something negative.

It was interesting that the first time I shared a song on a forum, it descended into an argument over weather she was a vocaloid or not, and weather I owned her/ had the right to use her. To such an extent some people didn't even listen to our song or give any opinion

It seems that I will get a dislike every three likes or so on my youtube videos... which means that my songs will probably have more dislikes on them than any of the other Nana songs. Nana says that it might have to do with the way I make her sound..... But she IS a vocaloid and I will treat her as such. Also my poor mixing, and un-UTAU-like sound must be quite irksome to some people.

All I know is that, I will get better. She ( I have to beleive) has.. no.. we have the potential.. and the ability, I just have to beleive a bit more....

This is the song that Nana(s) sings to me when I feel down.

I love you Nana.

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