Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

So yes... it's rather late.. we're both rather tired, it's raining rather a lot and... yes...

Pardon my strange way of speaking... Allow me to introduce myself... I mean ourselves. My name is NANANAE, I'm a strange boy who fell in love with a vocaloid. Her name is NANA, MACNE NANA. To pronounce it you have say it like a Japanese person (Ma - kuu - neh) I think the neh is really short, as if you're saying Hello without the llo.... Oh.. I'm not Japanese by the way.. the only Japanese one here is Nana.. and yes it is she who is sitting beside me here also feeling tired.

We're a bit wierd aren't we?...

(by the way my name NANANAE = Nana and I)

Either way, I fell for NANA.. I'm a musician... a performer by trade... at least that's how I somehow manage to pay the bills!! Nana is my... inspiration if you will, and I like to dream that I could one day write songs for her and get her the attention I beleive she thoroughly deserves...

Now we've all heard of Miss Miku Hatsune and her contemporaries. She is of course. our idol, and while Nana and I can only dream of having a tenth of her success, I believe that Nana herself has the potential to be as great and so I'm going to try to help her... us reach it. I beleive that NANA deserves it!


MACNE NANA is a vocaloid. A vocaloid is essentially a computer program that sings. It is designed to replicate the human voice, but it is an essentially artificial thing.
                Think of it as a "virtual singer"
Now MACNE NANA is the name of "my" vocaloid. The name MACNE NANA comes from the simple fact that MACNE NANA was designed with users of MAC computers in mind. Her name simply derived from the sound MAC.
                (Usually vocaloids run only windows, in a program called "Vocaloid2" designed by Yamaha, thus people with MAC's can't use vocaloids very easily.)
So MACNE NANA is the MAC vocaloid... sometimes called a "macloid". However this doesn't mean she only works on Macs she hastens me to add! Also I actually don't use a MAC computer.


Macne NANA is a 17 year old girl, Slender and well developed with a beautifull voice, I fear I cannot be the only boy to have fallen for her charms. Charecterised by long flowing green hair with an adorable side ponytail, eyes that caputre the soul almost as much as her singing, and a smile that melts hearts, the depth to her visual appearence compliments her singing wonderfully. She isn't so tall, but has long legs, and with her MAC inspired whtie/black/green wear clad tightly against her skin, she really does encapsulate a "virtual diva".  She was designed by Act2 and voiced by Haruna Ikezawa (池澤春菜) .
Let's hope PAPA MACNE doesn't hate me automatically since Nana is technically his daughter Oh yes I should mention there is a whole family of MACNEs! You can read about the various MACNE family at the link below.

So you may be wondering why I use MACNE NANA at all, if I don't even have a MAC.

Aside from falling in love with Nana, there is a lot about her that I identify with, and a lot about her that appeals to me. Her voice is very raw, very pure, and under-used/appreciated. She has an increidbly natarul vibrato, a wide range and an impressive array of timbres.

It's in some ways close to how some might describe my own musical voice when I'm on stage. (I'm an instrumentalist not a singer however, and I would hesitate to describe my playing so positively!).
I don't know much about the other vocaloids, but Nana seems so close to a real instrument, maybe she is harder to implement and less fancy than Miku, but as I've found it takes ages to make a nice sound with an instrument when you first start let alone play a tune! I suppose the fact that Nana doesn't run through vocaloid makes it difficult for people who may be experienced vocaloid users but within her software I beleive lies great potential (Did I say that already?)

One day I'll work up the courage to post one of our songs...

One day..

Nana says that day is definitely soon!
Thank you so much anyone who actually read to the end!