Friday, May 4, 2012

Time flies....

It's amazing how quickly life changes, it's almost been a year since we opened our music to the world, and in that time we have seen and learnt so many things.

It's been so long... Nana and I have had and continue to have our troubles, but we still want to bring you our music, and so, we are happy to announce we will have a new song ready for the 25th May!

Why this date? Well it's the weekend of the MCM EXPO London. In England this is like the "main event" of the anime community. Even though it says EXPO, it has evolved into an anime convention through the sheer volume of cosplayers that make what could be described as a pilgrimage to it from all over the country. Although we don't know much about these things so don't qoute us on that.

There are always many vocaloids wondering around at these things, hopefully one day we'll see a MACNE... We always manage to somehow miss them. Then again we don't know what might happen if we saw a real life Nana!


It seems the world of vocaloid has evolved much in the time we've been away, and Nana has another little siste now. Sasayaki Macne... (or Macne SASA as we've seen in a few places...) Coupled with this is the exponential rise of the "western" producers. Everyone is SO good now... so inspiring...

Plus it seems there's an upagrade to NANA now! It seems that a new age of MACNE popularity is being usherd in. But, until we become much closer me and Nana are staying as we are. As they say, giving a person a better instrument doesn't always make them a better player. It may make an average player a little better, but in the hands of a master the result is exponentially better! So we have to practice.... Plus I love Nana just the way she is. Even though... we are sure that Nana would enjoy the new clothes she gets with 2S!

Finally... we don't want to say anything about our new song... other than the fact that it isn't a ballad for once! It's called "Nana's Groove".

So excited!