Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nana's back (well almost)

As I write this it's 4:28am. Tonight we were performing at a gig (or rather just NananaeUK). The performance was fantastic and many people said many nice things about NananaeUK's playing. All night since we got home has been spent with NananaeUK and Nana working on Nana's "s" sounds (with generous helpings of anime and chocolate digestives thrown in). Those of you who are familiar with recording and mixing vocals will know about de-essing. Actually Nana's "s" sounds are fine generally, until we start processing her vocals to fit in the with track physically/ambient wise and alter the sound so that it matches the song aesthetically and emotionally.

It seems that the hardest sound to deal with in Japanese for us thus far is the "tsu". The tsu is like an s from an English vocalist, but x10. You have the tuh - sss sound, and if you kind of de-ess with compression (volume) it kind of destroys the syllable. The t almost makes the s a lot harsher

So this all nighter is spent trying various things to improve the s sounds of Nana.

You may ask why anyone would be doing this at 4:28am. While the deadline is Friday, NananaeUK is actually quite busy and this is the only real time there is before the deadline of Friday.

The chances are however, if there was nothing to do Thursday and Friday NananaeUK and Nana may still actually be awake working on these s sounds anyway

We just love working with Nana though and can't wait to share our new song with everyone on Friday!