Monday, August 22, 2011

Poor Nana


So Nana took a right bashing in our last song. I suppose my problem is that I seem to pitch her to non MACNE NANA fans, who then compare her to miku and other "real" singers

Even though we haven't even begun to explore Nana's powers... I feel I can't get any futher before we improve our fundamentals first.

The comments of the second video put the comments of the first video into perspective.

Interestingly, the first song, people said... oh you didnt mix this well. In the second they said, the music is really good, but you didnt use Nana very well...

Does that mean I should use the profile of NANA from the first song, and the mixing profile from the second and everyone'll be happy!

Worth a shot....

Still the comments on my profile are so nice... Makes me think that one day... just one day I can be succesfull. Before Nana I spent my whole life learning music... I played over and over again... sometimes in front of three people... sometimes in front of thousands.

I know we are inspired by ryo and Beckii, but Nana isn't them.

If I'm to be succesfull with Nana, its not going to be because of me, it's going to be because of her.

I should write a jumpy song next but... Nana and I are so mellow..

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  1. d'aww , don't get discouraged D: ,almost EVERY nana post , video or art ends in some point at the "vocaloid or not" discussion , that kind of annoys me :\

    and I insist to say that you are a good macne nana musician :0