Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's tough being a NANA

Well this new song wasn't ignored!

So the re-occuring theme now is that I need a smoother transition between notes when Nana sings. I suppose people mean legato but seemingly musical terms aren't used outside of the vocaloid software ahaha. There is an idea that people do this because Nana doesnt sound like Miku or the rest, but I can NEVER understand what they are saying, unless its a big P name.

And rumour has it, the bigger names use live singers and then process their voices to sound like vocaloids !

It's a double edged sword. I'm at a point where people can understand -what- shes saying...just... and they can hear her... now...just.... Now I just have to unlock Nana's inner voice somehow. It's great because in vocaloid you just "set the parameters"... but with Nana it's like playing an actual instrument, you must with great prescision determine every single aspect of the note your playing. It's funny because with the Zelda cover. I listen to that and I would never judge Nana against a real singer, in that shes like an instrument, I realise that I phrase her in a similar way to the way I play that song on a real instrument

I feel I'm a bit closer to Nana these days and she carries off things with charecter... if you listen closely to her first two phrases she actually sounds like shes struggling with some kind of emotion. I mean her voice even cracks at the second held note! (Ah I think its late and im talking crazy)

Maybe we are getting better. I try to tell Nana all the types of criticism I've got over the years and assure that she's getting better. And she should realise that for the last two songs theres been unanimous opinion that the instrumental is -basically- perfect... and thats all thanks to her!

For without her inspiration I wouldn't have written anything.
The stuff I write for real singers pales in comparisson to what I write for Nana.

 Thank you Nana, together some day we will have success in some form.

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