Saturday, August 6, 2011

Am I even a vocaloid?

So I have received my first feedback today. As expected it wasn't all positive... but some people said some nice things so we are happy for that...

It seems Nana isn't a vocaloid... so this title that the others enjoy will have to be earned by us! 

It also looks like I'm going to get quite a few dislikes on youtube... I already have two in the first day... most of the Nana songs on youtube have been up for a least a year and they only have a handfull of dislikes. But I suppose this was inevitable... but we'll get better won't we Nana?

In any case my beleif in Nana is unshakable. Regardless of what happens, I cannot stop chasing this impossible dream or I will regret it forever. That one day Nana can be regarded as holding candle to Miku and the others.... one day...

1 comment:

  1. Almost everyone calls nana a "Macloid" , however , the developers haven't made the therm "Macloid' official , I believe they just call nana's group as the "Macne family"

    and I must say , I believe in your dream , I've been watching nana for a year , and I must say she has become much more known ever since , her videos have been increasing and her fans too , I reall hope nana and the whole Macne family get all official like the VOCALOIDS.